Infant/Toddler Textbook

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An Educator’s Guide to Infant and Toddler Development: Understanding and Responding Appropriately is a comprehensive interactive text that covers the growth and development of infants and toddlers. Readers will learn how to observe and interact with infants and toddlers, and come to truly understand each aspect of their development and learning. The text offers concrete ideas about what to do and say with these children to maximize their growth and development. It also covers caregiving practices, caregiving as a curriculum, infant/toddler learning environments and how to effectively partner with families.

This text serves many purposes and populations. For college educators, it is a textbook for their Infant/Toddler courses. For parents, it is a manual explaining what is happening with their children as they move through the first three years of life. For childcare centers, it is a handbook to follow to come to really understand children ages 0-3 and then learn what to do as a caregiver for these children. Written by early childhood educator and parent Dr. Jennifer Kaywork, this infant/toddler text is meant to fully educate all those who care for children ages 0-3. Dr. Kaywork has experience in all aspects of early childhood education, and firmly believes that an educated parent or practitioner is a successful one. Her text is practical and informative, and represents her vast years of experience working with young children and caregivers of young children.

Each chapter has a designated page on this site that includes additional articles, websites and videos. These valuable resources will enhance your understanding of the learning and development of 0-3 children.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to Infant and Toddler Care

Chapter 2: Infant and Toddler Education

Chapter 3: The Infant and Toddler Environments

Chapter 4: Partnering with Families

Chapter 5: Perceptual Development and the Five Senses

Chapter 6: Physical Development

Chapter 7: The Importance of Play

Chapter 8: Attachment

Chapter 9: Social Development and Social Interactions

Chapter 10: Cognitive Development

Chapter 11: Language Development

Chapter 12: Emotional Development

Chapter 13: Early Intervention