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Introducing Magnetic Letters

Magnetic letters are for all ages AND are cheap and easy to find.              

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What I learned while potty training my child

Dare I say it…I have a potty trained child. Miss H turned 2 in June and has been showing all of the signs that she is ready: Baby Center Potty Training Readiness. She’s had a potty in each bathroom since she was 18 months, and she sits on it every morning and night. We did …

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Story Retelling

I love reading to children of all ages, especially with the 0-5 crowd. Their interaction, involvement and interest changes so much from infancy to toddlerhood to preschool. What is even more fun is to go beyond the book and “retell” the story using manipulatives. It’s actually a requirement for my early childhood preservice teachers to …

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Library Storytimes

Along with being an early childhood educator, I’m also a mommy to a 2 year old girl. Miss H and I began to explore library storytimes this summer. We are lucky enough to live within 2 miles of 3 libraries, so we decided to try them all. At two of the libraries we attended the …

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Easy fun with your toddler.

Need an indoor activity? Rearrange the low cabinets in your kitchen with your toddler. Emptying and filling is their favorite thing to do!

Easy Infant Tip

Have a infant? All you need is a floor and a blanket. Lay them down and let them explore the most interesting “toys” they have – their body parts and their environment! You can do this from day one – each day your baby will lay down longer and longer…

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