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Introducing Magnetic Letters

Magnetic letters are for all ages AND are cheap and easy to find.








Looking for magnetic letters that are easy to grip and infants/toddlers can’t swallow? Try Fridge Phonics!



Introduce magnetic letters to infants as soon as they can sit up. Put them on the fridge or a magnetic board against the wall and watch them explore!

Time to get involved with your toddlers’ play with our material of the week. Sit on the floor with your toddlers and play with the letters. Say the colors of the letters. Then say the names of the letters. Toddlers sort by one characteristic at a time, so talk about colors first, then shift to the letter. Try to say only one characteristic at a time in your play.

Keep playing with your preschooler and the letters. Reinforce the letter and now say the sound. Put letters together to form simple words. Identify the words and the sounds in them.






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