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Parent PhD’s “Infant/Toddler Series”

Parent PhD’s Infant/Toddler Series focuses on understanding and learning how to appropriately respond to infants and toddlers. The series serves many purposes and populations.

For undergraduate and graduate students studying early childhood education, it fully explains this population of children to you so you can teach them appropriately.

  • For parents, it tells you what is happening with your children as they move through the first three years of life so that you can appropriately respond to them.
  • For childcare centers providing training for their staff, it helps all of your teachers truly understand children ages 0-3 and then learn what to do as a caregiver in a classroom setting with these children.

For everyone, the Infant/Toddler series fully explains children ages 0-3 and gives you concrete ideas about what to do and say with these children to maximize their growth and development. When we highlight an area of development, we talk about what it means, what it looks like and then what teachers/parents/caregivers can do to appropriately respond to it.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about the series please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Jenn or respond to the posts. This information is for you!

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