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Maybe we should all listen to Kindergarteners…

As a teacher educator, I spend a great deal of time in early childhood and elementary classrooms observing student teachers. Not only do I enjoy seeing the students who worked so hard to master their craft succeed in the classroom, but I also enjoy spending time with children. They have such a pure and truly honest view of the world.

Recently I went to a Kindergarten classroom and sat under a bulletin board that displayed the children’s writing from the beginning of 2014. The children had to complete the sentence “This year, I hope.” Before you read on, think for a minute about what you think the children wrote…

Ok now here’s a hint:

This year I hope

Here is a summary of the writing pieces:

This year, I hope…

Nobody gets hurt

For a clean earth

For happiness

For peace

That everyone has a home

For love

The world will never end and love

Animals are happy

For good health

Everyone gets money

Was it what you thought a bunch of Kindergartners would write about? Maybe. Maybe not. Not one kid wrote about something they “wanted.” They wrote about others and the world around them. How many adults would complete the sentence “This year, I hope…” in the same way as these children?

Sitting there reading what these 5 and 6 year old children wrote gave me a pretty good perspective on the world. A perspective perhaps everyone should think about taking sometimes. Or all of the time. Maybe we should let Kindergarteners run the world for a day. Imagine the possibilities…





One thought on “Maybe we should all listen to Kindergarteners…

  1. If I want to complete this sentence than I will write “This Year, I hope every child should go for physical education classes”, because now the days children quit sports and attracts towards electronic gadgets and looses their health quality.

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