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Sensory Play – Using Sensory Bins and Tables

Sensory Play Week! Make your own sensory tables with different size/height plastic bins. What have you filled them with?


Take the legs off sensory tables and put on the ground so infants can explore at their level. Start with water!

Infants might get IN the sensory table to explore with their entire body. A whole new experience!

Add some new materials to your sensory tables for your toddlers. Shredded paper is always a hit! It may even make it out of the tub and onto the floor for more exploration…

Add sand toys to your sensory tables. Lots of filling, pouring & dumping in the toddler years.


There are so many possibilities for sensory tables in preschool! This is what I use to teach Sand/Water/Sensory tables integration to my early childhood preservice teachers. Great information.

Try this Step2 Arctic Splash Water Table – it’s a favorite in our house. You can take the legs off and put it on the ground for infants and young toddlers.




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